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Sairistan e Mubaraz ud Daula is a travellog written in Persian language by Peer Ibrahim Ali Kheshgi Qasuri, who was the British native agent at Bahawalpur State.It consists of his travel to England, but the fourth chapter of this travelog is about the culture, civilization and traditions of Bahawalpur State. In this chapter, the writer spending his fourteen years employement stay has written about the geographical and traditional circumstances in quite an observational, keen and detailed way. That is the reason why this book may be named as one of the important works of Bahawalpur’s culture and tradition in which the picture of the intial peaceful era is still intact, whose features are still on the verge of completion.


Ismat Durani

Professor of Persian

The Islamic University, Bahawalpur



Type: Article
Volume: 98
Issue: 2
Language: Urdu
Id: 649957e263b92
Pages 9 - 32
Published June 26, 2023


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