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Nawab Mustafa Khan Shaifta was a famous Urdu poet of Nineteenth Century and has special place in the history the of Urdu Literature  by his valuable memorendum of Urdu Poets "Gulshan-e-Be-Khar''-Till now this book is considered a great refrence work.  He shows his poetic skills both in Urdu and Persian poetrythats why we find two pen names, Shaifta for Urdu and Hasrati for Persian poetry. He learned Arabic, Persian poetry, Hadith and other prominant fields of Knowledge from a Dehli,s learned sufi Mian Gi Mala Mal. He also had Tendency towards saints. That was the main Key point which leads him to Mekka and he writes his misterious feeling and meetings with saints which we find in "Rah Aawurd" (in Persian) and "Siraj-e-Muneer" (Urdu Translation). This Travel shows a new feature of Shaifta and reader impressed by his pross skills also. This article consist on research and critical  studyof "Siraj- e- Munner''


Zahira Nisar

Senior Editor / Assistant Professor

Urdu Encyclopedia of Islam, University of the Punjab, Lahore



Type: Article
Volume: 98
Issue: 2
Language: Urdu
Id: 649959f58ab42
Pages 41 - 54
Published June 26, 2023


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