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Sabk-e Hindi is the most popular style of Persian poetry of Mughal period. The salient features of this style are creative imagination, philosophical abstraction and complex metaphoricity. The followers of this style not only developed an innovative mode of poetry but also theorized unique ideas of beauty like higher dimension of beauty beyond expression, unity of sense perception, dominance of beauty over love, the Sublime as the substance of beauty, abstraction of image, revisualization of image, beautified causation, aesthetic unity and central role of beloved in the aesthetic growth. These creative ideas of beauty contributed significantly in the intellectual discourse of Aesthetics and, hence they demand critical appreciation.


Muhammad Asif Raza

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Govt. P/G Ta'leem Ul Islam College, Chenab Nagar, Chiniot


  • maraza30@gmail.com

Ghulam Rasool

M.A Persian, Chiniot


  • gr313cht@gmail.com


Type: Article
Volume: 98
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 642a6b0124212
Pages 39 - 52
Published March 29, 2023


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