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Khawja Abdullah Sialvi had a great literary taste. His unpublished poetry reflects upon the varied thoughts and intellectual manifestations of human faculty. His poetry also possesses a deep understanding of social and political milieu of the region. Folk tinge dominates his poetry out and out. His poetry is an ample proof of his concern about layman’s issues and country's overall scenario. He expanded his poetic canvas by encircling problems of the citizens and issues relating to the state. His poetry is closer to real life. Classical and romantic waves of literature find a lesser significance in his poetry.


Muhammad Naeem Ghuman

Lecturer in Urdu

Govt. Shalimar College, Lahore


  • naeemghumanhsp@gmail.com

Syed Safeer Husain

Associate Professor of Urdu

GC University, Lahore



Type: Article
Volume: 98
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 642a67cb4fe43
Pages 29 - 38
Published March 29, 2023


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